Located on the coast between the Gulf of Yera and the Gulf of Kaloni, near the town of Polychnitos and the amazing hot mineral baths. Is seven kilometers of uninterrupted sandy beach. This is one beach that seems to extend forever. The Village of Vatera itself stretches a couple kilometers and is made up of some nice tavernas, pizza places , several beach bars, a few shops and of course the nice family Hotel Aphrodite Beach.

There are several ways to get to Vatera. If you are not renting a car take a taxi from the airport or ferry or ask us to to book one for you. The best way is to take the road to AGIASSOS – POLICHNITOS-VATERA that begins on the main Mytilini road near the Gulf of Yera, or if you are coming from Eressos or Molyvos take the road that begins in the eastern part of the gulf of KALLONI-ACHLADERI-POLICHNITOS-VATERA . This is a beautiful trip along the gulf and through forests, olive groves, villages and farms.

When you arrive at Vatera beach you can turn left and follow the beach-road , after 800m about you will find our Hotel Aphrodite Beach. Because Vatera Village faces south, it is protected from the northern winds that usually come in August. It has been awarded the EEC Blue Ribbon for its clean water repeatedly.

If you take a right upon your arrival and after some drive the road leaves the beach to go over a small river where you can stop and feed the turtles from the bridge.
If you are traveling with your family, my opinion Vatera beach is the best place in Lesvos for children and a fine place to base yourself to explore this part of the island. Chances are you may become one of those people who returns here year after year, even if you are not Northern European.

Just down the coast from Vatera there is a small bay and a small church nestled into the rocks. This is the Panagia Krifi, the Hidden Virgin, which can be reached by motorboat from Vatera. There is a small stone beach and excellent snorkeling as well as a hot spring. It’s a very beautiful place. You can also reach it from the road to Melinta, another small beach town.

In the small village of Vrisa ( just 2 kms from Vatera ), is the Museum of Natural History with an amazing collection of Paleolithic fossils, ancient fish, fossilized bones of a 1.6 million year old mastodon and various other animals, rocks and plants, all from the area.

On Lesbos, the area which belongs to the municipality Polichnitos came from combining the beautiful villages and settlements Royal, Lisvori Polichnitos, Scala Polichnitos, Nifida, insults, and Vatera Cross combines the beauty of the landscape with a strong human presence from immemorial. Situated in the south western part of the island (45Km from the capital Mytilene). Spread place among pine groves, springs with clear water and beautiful beaches.

The name comes from the union of words “many signs” because the oral tradition, many small villages (traces) mainly along the coast for fear of Saracen pirates had to move the current location away from the sea surrounded by hills and is invisible, both from the Gulf of Kalloni, and from the Aegean Sea.

The hot springs of Polichnitos and wetlands of the Gulf of Kalloni and Almyropotamos in conjunction with Paleolithic tools, recording and study of animal fossils in the area of Vatera countless Christian churches, monasteries, quaint churches along with unique stone art of the present settlements, the Folklore Museum and the Museum of Natural History, attracting the eyes of visitors to this island full of attractions.

Vatera 81300, Polichnitos, Lesvos
(Mytilene) Greece

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