Hot springs of Lisvori ( 10 kms from Vatera ):
The source can be reached 3Km outside Lisvori, next to a small chapel of Saint Ioannis built in the foot of a hill surrounded with olive trees. It is constituted by two separate buildings with baths of capacity of 6 persons and with shaped spaces for sauna. The sources waters are ferrous with colour yellow and temperature that reaches upon 68C, considers one of the hottest sources in Greece. Opposite from the thermal baths there is a small pension with 9 rooms for those that wish to remain near in the healing sources and enjoy the real nature of Lesvos.

Thermal baths of Polihnitos ( 8 kms from Vatera ) :
A required visit is the natural hot springs of Polychnitou. The valley is full of steaming hot streams that leave sediment in some of the most beautiful pastel colors, meandering past the ruins of ancient bath houses as well as pools of boiling water. There are several old bath houses and one that has been rented and restored. The waters here are supposedly the hottest in Europe and can cure a great variety of ailments. Also nearby are the hot springs of Lisvori seem to be the undiscovered treasure of hot springs on the island.
The Spa Polichnitos is used by Turkish. After the release was taken by the City Polichnitos where in 1953 he built the second tank now serves as a pool of women.

The buildings behind the Baths built in 1892 by a private doctor Christian. They had two tanks, hostel, mud and hilltop cafe in the basement of the catacombs were constructed in which the doctor brought the winter snow from Olympus saves and had ice water in summer. He built the bridge and the Almyropotamos.

According to the manners and customs of the region on Saturday came from the villages, women with children on the donkey for a swim. They used to carry their eggs for brunch, which they put in their baskets voutagan in the source is directly behind the Baths and boiled in five minutes. The laughter, songs and banter echoing in the surrounding area.

Also, the tradition laid down a day before the wedding the bride to come to bathe and groom to bring the morning of the wedding. According to reports, a rich girl GREEK paralyzed and heard about the healing properties of mineral water came to Polichnito stayed at a Christian hostel and after many bathrooms unable to walk. It is said that he was so pleased that baptized her first child in Hot Springs Polichnitos. Even a reference to a sister shipowner from Chios treated.
Therapeutic properties
The water at the exit of Polichnitos to Vatera on the premises of the hot springs, springs from many sources, through primary and secondary volcanic porous rocks. The temperature is between 67 C and 92 C (the temperature of the baths is between 42 C and 44 C) are among the hottest in Europe. It is chlorinated and is equivalent to Wiesbaden, Germany.

Right there in a row of low buildings, surrounded by eucalyptus trees are the bathrooms with tanks that were renovated over the old operating years ago. Grooves old and new. Water runs free and steaming, painting red on the bottom of thermophilic Bugs (algae) that grow. What further behind a forest of bulrush, stand up a complex of buildings, with their elongated and vaulted dormitory buildings of the old tanks. Continuing the description should mention the little bridge trikamaro Almyropotamos (the few that have survived until today) and beyond the old fountain of yellow and pink malakopetra.

The hot springs of Polichnitos was in use during the Ottoman Empire in 1953 and operated with two tanks.

Chemical properties
The basis of their physicochemical composition, the thermal waters Polichnitos classified in the group of chlorinated sources. The water is clear, odorless and enriched with natural radon radiation 15 to 25 units with MACHE oxyanthrakika chloride and divine calcium, sodium free carbon dioxide with compounds of iron, magnesium, manganese, oxygen and traces of iodine, bromine.

Besides the calming, therapeutic waters of Polichnitos suitable for chronic forms of rheumatic diseases, arthritis (chronic degenerative and deforming) rizonefritides, chronic spondylitis, lumbago, deformities and traumatic injuries of the skeletal system.

Because even the beneficial effect of thermal stimulation (temperature = water) and buoyancy of the body of bathers (= decreased body weight best move “almost no” pain), achieved the chemical-osmotic effect of salts and particularly of sulfur dioxide (prevents Action of hyaluronidase), which destroys the bone and the articular surfaces asteochondrikes).

The hot springs also help chronic gynecological disease cycle, gynecological disorders such as inflammatory origin, tubal dysfunction – dysmenorrhea, female sterilization.

The cycle of therapeutic properties but does not close here, but extends to endocrine dysfunction (due to regenerative action of radon) in the peripheral blood vessels associated with the circulatory failure in gout, a secondary skin disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic inflammatory diseases upper respiratory infection and gastritis mainly dyspepsia, which may be ypochloridriaki with gastric hypotonia and weakness.


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